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October 2023

New on CoreWeave Cloud this month:

🔐 Updates to access management for organization members

When inviting new members to your organization, their permissions may be set right from the invitation modal. Configurable permissions now include:

  • access to specific namespaces,
  • organization admin permissions, and
  • access to view billing information.

All permissions may be configured in the invitation to the new member, or the permissions may be adjusted from the Organization Management page once a new user has accepted their invitation and created their account.

📈 Datadog partners with CoreWeave for robust metrics reporting

Datadog's CoreWeave integration leverages CoreWeave Prometheus metrics to create robust Datadog monitors for CoreWeave infrastructure and to track usage patterns for insights into platform activity as well as how your organization is billed based on resource usage.

Generate alerts based on specific queries, allowing your team to quickly address any issues and identify areas of high use.

With the Datadog integration for CoreWeave, users can:

  • leverage Prometheus metrics for robust reports and monitoring
  • track infrastructure usage patterns for insights into platform use
  • monitor billing based on resource use with precision

and more!

💡 Introducing our new "Inference Best Practices for Knative Serving" guide

Knative Serving, the serverless runtime for CoreWeave Cloud's inference stack, manages autoscaling, revision control, and canary deployments. By following our new Best Practices guide, you can ensure you're getting the best performance out of Knative Serving for inference tasks.