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December 2023

New on CoreWeave Cloud this month:

📬 Get critical status alerts right to your inbox with email notifications

Email notifications are configured on the User Settings page

With the new alert notifications feature in User Settings, organization members may configure whether or not to receive emails for specific critical status alerts. Alerts may be configured for failing jobs, quotas nearing or reaching their capacity limits, high Persistent Volume usage, and more.


Organizations that already exist on CoreWeave Cloud will need to explicitly turn on any desired email notifications.

Organizations that are created after November 14, 2023 will have all email notifications enabled by default. If specific alerts are not desired, they will need to be manually turned off from the User Settings page.

Introducing Intel Xeon Ice Lake CPU nodes

Intel Xeon Ice Lake CPU nodes are now available in LAS1! For more information on how to use Ice Lake nodes, see Node Types.