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What is CoreWeave Cloud?

CoreWeave Cloud is built from the ground up to support computationally intensive workloads. We provide the best tools for creators leveraging powerful accelerated hardware. We're not your regular, one-size fits all, Cloud provider. We're not here to host your WordPress blog.

Accelerated compute at your fingertips

CoreWeave Cloud is built around the GPU. A traditionally costly and scarce resource, GPU compute options from monolithic cloud providers are extremely limited. CoreWeave provides the industry's widest range of GPU options, allowing you to pick the perfect GPU for your use case.

Scale with the industry's most responsive scaling

Unlike other cloud providers, your workloads execute on bare metal. When a container is deployed to CoreWeave Cloud, there are no minutes of wait time for Virtual Machines to spin up. Your workloads start executing in as little as 20 seconds. When they are done, billing stops immediately.

Fully managed with no maintenance or no control-plane charges

You access compute using the Cloud UI, Workflows or directly as a Kubernetes namespace via traditional Kubernetes tools. We manage the control-plane, node availability and scaling. You submit your Models, Jobs or Deployments, and we handle the rest.

Everything else - the team and the tools to make you successful

In addition to GPUs, CoreWeave provides CPU-only nodes, high performance cloud native storage as well as all the bandwidth you might need to transfer your training data, videos or host massive metaverse experiences. Our team is here to support you, readily available by e-mail or on Slack.
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