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Datadog is a monitoring and security platform for Cloud applications that allows users to assess and optimize their organization's usage of Cloud infrastructure. In conjunction with CoreWeave, Datadog provides the enterprise-grade reliability and observability essential for building and deploying AI applications in production.

Tracking usage patterns through Datadog gives users more information to better understand and optimize how they use the CoreWeave Cloud platform. Datadog enables users to track environment resource consumption over time.

An out-of-the-box installation of the Datadog dashboard for CoreWeave

How we partner

Datadog's CoreWeave integration leverages CoreWeave Prometheus metrics to create robust Datadog monitors for CoreWeave infrastructure and to track usage patterns for insights into platform activity as well as how your organization is billed based on resource usage.

Generate alerts based on specific queries, allowing your team to quickly address any issues and identify areas of high use.

Key benefits

  • Leverage Prometheus metrics for robust reports and monitoring
  • Track infrastructure usage patterns for insights into platform use
  • Monitor billing based on resource use with precision

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This guide presumes you have both an active CoreWeave account and an active Datadog account.

Obtain a CoreWeave access token


Only organization administrators may create new tokens. To learn more about how to configure and generate tokens, see Cloud Account and Access.

First, generate a new CoreWeave access token that will be used by Datadog.

Give the new token a name that clearly indicates its use by Datadog, such as datadog, then assign a namespace to the token by selecting a namespace, then adding it to the Selected Namespaces box. Finally, generate the token.


Datadog enables organizations who have multiple namespaces to distinguish teams by namespace - it is recommended to assign one access token per namespace.

Connect your CoreWeave account to Datadog

Log in to Datadog, then navigate to the CoreWeave integration tile. Enter a Name for the account. In the Access Token field, paste the CoreWeave access token key generated earlier.

Optionally, at this stage, you may add tags to the integration.

Finally, click Save to save the integration configuration.

Validate the integration

CoreWeave metrics bear the prefix coreweave. From your Datadog dashboard, search for metrics that begin with this prefix, for example, coreweave.billing_pod_mem. If metrics are found, the integration was set up correctly and is now working.