How to Contact Support

Our support team is ready to help!
The best way to request assistance is the Contact Us form in CoreWeave Cloud. This form captures your organization, namespace, contact information, and allows you to choose a priority:
  • Low: Minor problems that don't impact the ability to use CoreWeave services.
  • Medium: Problems that impact some features, but a work-around exists.
  • High: Important product features are unavailable and no work-around exists.
  • Urgent: A platform-wide issue that affects multiple clients.
For all requests, please include any helpful information so we may best assist you. At a minimum, please include:
  • Contact information
  • Issue priority: Low, Medium, High, or Urgent
  • Organization Admin's email address
  • Organization name
  • Namespace where the issue occurs
If you are unable to access the support form, you can access FreshDesk directly at, or email [email protected]. When emailing support, please carbon-copy the organization administrator and include the account manager if your organization has one.