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How to Contact Support

Our support team is ready to help! Here are a couple ways to contact the support team.

Contact us via the Cloud UI

The best way to request assistance from our support team is through the help portal on the Cloud UI. To access this form, first log in to your CoreWeave Cloud account, then click the Help button at the bottom corner of the CoreWeave Cloud UI.

The Help button is located in the lower right-hand corner of the Cloud UI

This will present a form to capture your organization, namespace, and contact information to send to the support team.

Contact us via email

If you cannot use the CoreWeave Cloud contact form, you may reach out to the support team at [email protected].

For all requests, please include any helpful information so we may best assist you. At a minimum, please include:

  • Contact information
  • Issue priority: Low, Medium, High, or Urgent
  • Organization Admin's email address
  • Organization name
  • Namespace in which the issue occurs

When emailing support, please carbon-copy the organization administrator, and include the account manager if your organization has one.

Contact us via FreshDesk

To create a ticket for the support team using FreshDesk, first log in to your CoreWeave Cloud account, then navigate to the user menu in the upper right-hand corner. From this menu, select Support Tickets.

This will redirect you to the FreshDesk log in page.