Get Started with Virtual Servers

What Virtual Servers are, what makes them unique, and how to deploy them onto CoreWeave Cloud.


CoreWeave Cloud's Virtual Servers are highly configurable virtual machines deployed and managed on CoreWeave Cloud via an easy-to-use UI or programmatically via the Kubernetes API, enabling anyone to deploy and host applications at scale with high availability.

Virtual Server Features

What can I do with Virtual Servers?

While not every use case is appropriately solved using Virtual Servers, there are some things that aren't possible without them!
CoreWeave Virtual Servers run under the same API control plane and use the same storage and networking as your Kubernetes workloads. This provides a single, powerful platform for both stateful and stateless resource management.
Common use cases for CoreWeave Virtual Servers include:
Leverage the performance of CoreWeave's bare metal Cloud, even when running containerized Virtual Machines
Create virtual desktops and developer workstations accessible from anywhere
Don't need a Virtual Server?
If you've determined you don't need a Virtual Server, but want to leverage the performance benefits of running containerized workloads on CoreWeave Cloud, check out our documentation on CoreWeave Kubernetes.