Synology NAS

Use Synology NAS as a VFX Studio storage backend

Synology NAS may be included as a storage backend by configuring a Site-to-Site VPN.

This guide explains how to expose both Windows File Sharing (SMB/CIFS) and NFS to CoreWeave with Synology NAS. One of the two is most likely already in use; whichever protocol is employed currently will be used.


The following assets are required for this process.

  • Admin credentials to the NAS (Credentials are provided to the organization admin by your CoreWeave Support Specialist in the form of a JSON file, titled coreweave-cloud-link.json)


Configure the file server

Select the tab that corresponds to your filesystem type.

From the Control Panel, navigate to File Services. If you are primarily using SMB (Windows File Sharing) to access your data, SMB is likely already enabled. The CoreWeave VPN will then use SMB to connect to your storage.

Ensure that a specific User Account has been created for CoreWeave. Provide the username and password to your CoreWeave Support Specialist. Give this account permissions on all Shared Folders that will be accessible from CoreWeave Cloud. Take note of the share names and provide them to your CoreWeave Support Specialist.

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