Expose storage volumes using NFS server

To expose storage using NFS, find the nfs-server application in the Applications Catalog. Click the Deploy button to configure the NFS settings.


One major difference between an NFS deployment and a Samba deployment on CoreWeave is that the one-click NFS solution does not include any authentication. For added security, consider integrating with Active Directory directly, or use network policies to ensure access to the NFS service is only accessible to the correct endpoints.

Give the NFS volume a name, then select a data center region. This region should be the same one in which the storage volume is deployed.

Select an NFS squash option from the drop-down menu, as well as what kind of access type you'd like the NFS server to have. In most cases, RW makes sense.

Toggle the Expose on Public IP toggle depending on whether or not you'd like to expose the service publicly. Next, highlight the associated storage volume from the Available Volumes list, then click the blue plus sign that appears to the right of its name to add it to the Attach Volume list.

Finally, click the Deploy button in the lower left-hand corner to deploy the NFS server.

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