Media Shuttle

Share media using Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle makes it easy to share and receive media from outside parties. The MediaShuttle service may be used with your own subscription, or you may acquire a license via CoreWeave by contacting your CoreWeave Support Specialist.


Once you have a working Media Shuttle license, locate your Media Shuttle registration key.

Open Media Shuttle. Click Add, beside Storage.

Select the checkbox to agree to the license agreement terms.

Once you have completed the following steps in the wizard, the storage server registration key will be presented to you. Retain this for the next few setup steps.

Return to the Applications Catalog, and search for media-shuttle. Find the media-shuttle application, select it, then click the Deploy button in the bottom right corner of the screen to begin configuring the application.

Clicking the Deploy button will open the application configuration screen.

Update the name and the acquired registry key, then select the storage volume to add at the bottom of the configuration screen. Finally, click the Deploy button at the bottom of the screen to launch the deployment.

Once the deployment has completed, you will be automatically redirected to the Media Shuttle deployment status page. Once this status page shows that the Media Shuttle Pod is ready, you are ready to use the deployment.

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