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Expose storage volumes using FileBrowser

Many use cases on CoreWeave Cloud require files to be uploaded to or downloaded from CoreWeave storage volumes. Using the FileBrowser application, deployable from the applications Catalog, can make this process much easier.


You will want to ensure that the storage volume you want to use with FileBrowser is already created before deploying the FileBrowser. See Storage for more information.

Deploy the application

The filebrowser application

To deploy FileBrowser, first log in to your CoreWeave Cloud account. Then, navigate to the Applications Catalog. Once in the Catalog, use the search bar to search for filebrowser.

When the filebrowser application appears, click on it. This will open the application's about page. At the bottom or top right-hand corner of the screen, click the Deploy button to open the deployment page for the application. From this page, set a Name for the application. Then, under Node Selection, select your data center region.


It is recommended that the name you give the FileBrowser application be very short, or else you may run into SSL CNAME issues.

Select your data center region

Attach volumes

Under the "Attach existing volumes to your FileBrowser" list, under the "Available Volumes" menu, find the volume you'd like to attach to FileBrowser. In the example shown below, the volume named shared-data-pvc is being attached.

Click the small blue plus sign to the right of the Volume name to move it to the list on the right.

Click the blue plus sign beside the volume you wish to attach

Configure how you'd like the volume to appear once mounted. In the example shown here, the shared-data-pvc volume retains its same name for the mount path.

Once you are ready, click the Deploy button.

During the deployment of the application, you will be redirected to the application's status page, which will let you know when the FileBrowser application is ready. This status page also provides the default login credentials for the FileBrowser application.

For this example, the default login credentials have been removed, but in a real scenario, will be shown here

Access FileBrowser

In the Access URLs box on the status page, you will find an Ingress URL (for example,

This Ingress URL may be used to access the FileBrowser application in a browser.

It is strongly recommended to change the password for your FileBrowser instance as soon as possible. Do this by logging into your new FileBrowser instance, navigating to Settings on the left-hand side, and changing the password from that page.

Change the default password for your FileBrowser instance

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed FileBrowser onto CoreWeave Cloud, and now have an easy-to-use interface for file management. To learn more about the application itself, check out the official FileBrowser documentation.