Virtual Workstations

Create Virtual Workstations on CoreWeave Cloud

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Virtual Workstations reduce the burden of maintaining on-premise infrastructure and improve artist workflows, resulting in greater productivity, less strain on your team, and a better end-product for your clients. Virtual Workstations allow artists across the world to easily access applications that require high-powered CPU and GPU acceleration.
Virtual Workstations are deployed on top of the open source project Kubevirt. The virtctl tool may be used for fine-grained control over Virtual Servers.
Virtual Workstations are specialized Virtual Servers. Before continuing, it may be helpful to learn a bit more about Virtual Servers, or a bit more about how to leverage virtctl for fine-grained control over Virtual Workstations.

Operating Systems

Virtual Workstations may be configured to run a variety of Operating Systems and OS add-ons for virtual desktop environments. Workstations can be provisioned with GPUs or may be provisioned as CPU-only instances.
CoreWeave offers a variety of CPUs, including AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon solutions. You can learn more about pricing and configuration in our CPU-Only Instance Pricing guide.

Thinkbox Deadline

CoreWeave Cloud Workstations support running managed instances of Thinkbox Deadline, the most responsive modern render management solution for accessing render nodes and automatic workload scaling.