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Virtual Workstations

Create Virtual Workstations on CoreWeave Cloud

Get started with Virtual Workstations

Virtual Workstations reduce the burden of maintaining on-premise infrastructure and improve artist workflows, resulting in greater productivity, less strain on your team, and a better end-product for your clients. Virtual Workstations allow artists across the world to easily access applications that require high-powered CPU and GPU acceleration.

Virtual Workstations are deployed on top of the open source project Kubevirt. The virtctl tool may be used for fine-grained control over Virtual Servers.


Virtual Workstations are specialized Virtual Servers. Before continuing, it may be helpful to learn a bit more about Virtual Servers, or a bit more about how to leverage virtctl for fine-grained control over Virtual Workstations.

Operating Systems

Virtual Workstations may be configured to run a variety of Operating Systems and OS add-ons for virtual desktop environments. Workstations can be provisioned with GPUs or may be provisioned as CPU-only instances.

CoreWeave offers a variety of CPUs, including AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon solutions. You can learn more about pricing and configuration in our CPU-Only Instance Pricing guide.