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Request an Upgrade

Limited permissions for new organizations

Initially, new organizations have limited access to a subset of CoreWeave features. To have full access to Kubernetes and the Applications Catalog, please request a permissions upgrade by contacting support.

Billing portal and Usage access

Only Organization Admins have access to the Billing portal and Usage sections of CoreWeave cloud. If other users need access to the Billing portal or Usage sections, they must be upgraded to Admin permission level.


Upgrading a user to Admin grants them access to all functions, including the ability to add new users, deactivate users, access billing information, change payment settings, and add new Namespaces.

CoreWeave will not upgrade a user to Organization Admin without approval from an existing Admin in that organization.

If a user in your organization needs to be upgraded to Organization Admin, please have an existing Admin request this on their behalf.

Set Quotas

Quotas are assigned per namespace.

To request a quota upgrade, select Upgrade Quotas from the left-hand menu, or click the Increase Quota button on the storage page.