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Applications Catalog

Deploy applications onto CoreWeave Cloud with just a few button clicks

The CoreWeave Cloud Applications Catalog offers many useful applications that can be deployed and ready to use in just a few clicks. Throughout CoreWeave's documentation, particularly in examples, there will be instructions to deploy an application from the Catalog. Here is a basic overview of how the Catalog works, and how to deploy applications from within it.

The Catalog home page

Access the Catalog

To access the Catalog, first log in to your CoreWeave Cloud account, then navigate to the Applications page on the left-hand menu.

Find applications

The Applications tab at the top will display all applications you've deployed into your namespace. To get to the Catalog, click the Catalog tab.

From here, you can either search for an application by directly entering its name in the search bar, or you can filter by application type by clicking the filter boxes on the left-hand side.

The filter boxes can be used to search by application type, or a specific application may be searched for using the search bar

Deploy applications

About page

Application package information will be displayed on the left-hand side

After clicking on the application you'd like to deploy, you'll be brought to the application's about page, where you can learn all about the application. From this page, you can also select the application's Package Version from the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Additional summary information will be included on the left-hand side of the screen.

Finally, when you're ready to deploy the application, you can click on the Deploy button from either the top right-hand corner or the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Deployment page

An application's deployment page

Different applications will provide different configuration options on the deployment page. Typically, you can select to which data center region an application will be deployed, as well as some other basic configuration settings like resource limits. Some applications will also expose application-specific settings to you on this page.

YAML tab

An application's deployment YAML

If you would like a greater degree of control over the configuration of the application, or you'd like to save the configurations to deploy more applications, another way to configure applications is by clicking the YAML tab at the top of the page.

This YAML configuration exposes additional configuration options, and allows you to edit and save the YAML manifest to your specifications. It is not required to engage with the application's YAML - configuring an application from the Form tab is just fine.

Changes tab

An application's changes tab

The Changes tab is a useful comparison tool that displays what configurations have been altered that are now different to the package defaults.

Programmatic application deployment with Helm

Programmatic deployment may be used to automate application deployments from the Catalog by using Helm to locate and install charts. To get started, first ensure that the CoreWeave Helm repository is added to the Helm index using helm repo add.

$ helm repo add cw

Next, locate the desired chart using helm search repo.

$ helm search repo cw <chart-name>

Finally, install the desired chart using helm install.

$ helm install <release-name> cw/<chart-name> -f <custom-value-file>