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User Accounts

Learn more about provisioning user accounts on Virtual Servers.

User accounts can be provisioned onto Virtual Servers in a few different ways. You can add as many user accounts as you like to your Virtual Servers.


Users created on Virtual Servers are automatically given administrative privileges (sudo access).

Deployment method: CoreWeave Cloud UI

From the CoreWeave Cloud UI Virtual Server deployment menu, click the Users expandable.

The first user account created will be used as the first administrative user account on the Virtual Server, and can be configured to use either an SSH public key or a password for authentication.

A username and password is presented as the default - to switch to using an SSH key, click "Use SSH" beside the password field.

Additional user accounts may either be added using the UI, or they may be provisioned in the YAML manifest editor under the users block:

This users block is a YAML list, in which usernames and passwords or SSH public keys can be included. Multiple users in this configuration may look something like this example:

- username: 'jill'
password: '93jrwnffdk'
- username: 'jack'
sshpublickey: AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAklOUpkDHrfHY17SbrmTIpNLTGK9Tjom/BWDSUGPl+nafzlHDTYW7hdI4yZ5ew18JH4JW9jbhUFrviQzM7xlELEVf4h9lFX5QVkbPppSwg0cda3Pbv7kOdJ/MTyBlWXFCR+HAo3FXRitBqxiX1nKhXpHAZsMciLq8V6RjsNAQwdsdMFvSlVK/7XAt3FaoJoAsncM1Q9x5+3V0Ww68/eIFmb1zuUFljQJKprrX88XypNDvjYNby6vw/Pb0rwert/EnmZ+AW4OZPnTPI89ZPmVMLuayrD2cE86Z/il8b+gw3r3+1nKatmIkjn2so1d01QraTlMqVSsbxNrRFi9wrf+M7Q==