Learn more about storage on Virtual Servers.
High-performance, network-attached storage for both containerized workloads and Virtual Servers is easy to provision and manage on CoreWeave Cloud. Available in both all-NVMe and HDD tiers, Storage Volumes can be created as Block Volumes or Shared File System Volumes, and can be resized at any time. Storage is managed separately from compute resources, and can be moved between instances and hardware types.

Create a storage volume

To create a storage volume, refer to Get Started with Storage.

Attach a storage volume

Cloud UI

Deployment method: CoreWeave Cloud UI

Existing storage volumes may be attached to Virtual Servers under the Attach Volumes expandable.
For more information, refer to Using Storage - Cloud UI.
The "Attach volumes" expandable

Deployment method: Kubernetes CLI

Deployment method: Terraform

Storage volumes must be created and attached using either the CLI or the Cloud UI.