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Operating System and Root Disk

Learn more about the Operating Systems available for Virtual Servers.

CoreWeave Cloud supports a variety of Linux distributions and Windows versions system images for Virtual Servers.

Available Operating System versions

Click the OS type tab to see all currently available OS versions. See CoreWeave System Images for more information.


Ubuntu20.04, 22.04

The size of the Virtual Server's root disk size can be increased after initialization, and the operating system will automatically expand to accommodate. However, the root disk size cannot be reduced after initial deployment.

Deployment method: CoreWeave Cloud UI

From the CoreWeave Cloud UI Virtual Server deployment menu, click the Operating System expandable.

Select the Operating System you'd like to run (CentOS, Rocky, Ubuntu, or Windows), and a corresponding version. Then, set the Root Disk Size using the provided slider.

Linux configuration example

You can also configure the size of the root disk of the Virtual Server from here using the Root Disk Size slider. To add a system image addition such as NVIDIA Drivers or Teradici, click the slider into the "on" position for each desired add-on.

Windows configuration example

UEFI bootloader

If you are using a custom disk image, and need to configure UEFI bootloader options, you must do so from the YAML tab on the configuration screen. This option is configured in the os.enableUEFIboot field, which can be set to either true or false.

Example in plaintext:

definition: a
enableUEFIBoot: false
type: linux

Readiness probe


Readiness Probes are added by CoreWeave to Windows system images by default. Learn more about CoreWeave Windows Images.

The Readiness Probe toggle adds a Readiness Probe to the Virtual Server, in order to better communicate when start-up procedures have completed. Images include a simple TCP listener on a given port to communicate with the Kubernetes API.

Beneath "Operating System Additions" is the toggle to enable or disable the Readiness Probe. The probe port is set in the field beside the toggle.