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Add labels to your Virtual Server

Kubernetes labels are key/value pairs that may be attached to Virtual Servers to offer better descriptions of their function to users. Labels also allow for efficient queries, such as during monitoring a certain set of resources.

Labels are distinct from annotations, which are not used to select objects but instead are used to apply arbitrary data to a given resource.

Deployment method: CoreWeave Cloud UI

From the CoreWeave Cloud UI Virtual Server deployment menu, click the Labels expandable.

Here, a set of key-value labels may be specified:

Existing labels will appear in blue bubbles above the editable fields. To remove an existing label, click the "X" button beside its name. To edit it, click the pencil icon.

In this example, the label pairing key: value is added to the manifest. Labels appear in the metadata.labels section of the manifest.

Example in plain text:

kind: VirtualServer
namespace: tenant-sta-coreweave
name: new-0647
key: value