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How to Upgrade Legacy Virtual Servers

CoreWeave's legacy Virtual Servers are deployed from the CoreWeave Applications Catalog using Helm charts. While just as powerful as CoreWeave's newer Cloud Virtual Servers, the Helm chart Virtual Servers are not as easy to customize as Cloud Virtual Servers.

Cloud Virtual Servers use the same robust underlying technology, but have many improvements for ease of use and configuration. Future enhancements for the Virtual Server product are also focused on Cloud Virtual Servers.

How to identify legacy Helm Virtual Servers

It's possible to have a mixture of Legacy servers and Cloud servers deployed in the same namespace.

Legacy servers are identified by the label, which is visible on the expanded information pane.

This label indicates a legacy server

How to upgrade

Legacy servers can be upgraded with the Remove Helm menu option, which makes an adjustment to the server configuration to remove it from the Application Catalog. This can be done while the server is running and causes no downtime.

Navigate to the Virtual Server list in CoreWeave Cloud, then click the three-dot More menu.

Click the three-dot more menu

Choose Remove Helm.

Remove the server's Helm association

In a few seconds a confirmation appears, indicating that the server is upgraded. The absence of the label in the server's metadata verifies it.

`` does not appear