Terms of Service

CoreWeave Terms of Service (TOS)

Last modified: April 20, 2020

CoreWeave, Inc provides the CoreWeave Cloud Platform as a Covered Service to the Customer at the following service level objectives (the "Service Level Objective" or "SLO"):

Covered Service

Monthly Uptime Percentage

Instances in Multiple Regions

>= 99.9%

Instances in a Single Region

>= 99%

If CoreWeave, Inc. does not meet the SLO, and if Customer meets is otherwise in good standing and meeting its obligations, Customer will be eligible to receive the Financial Credits described below. This TOS states Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by CoreWeave, Inc. to meet the SLO. If CoreWeave authorizes the resale or supply of the CoreWeave Cloud Platform under a CoreWeave, Inc. Cloud partner or reseller program, then all references to Customer in this TOS shall mean Partner or Reseller (as applicable), and any Financial Credit(s) will only apply for impacted Partner or Reseller order(s).


The following definitions apply to the TOS:

  • “Customer Data” means:

    • All data uploaded by the Customer to CoreWeave infrastructure and;

    • All data created by the Customer on CoreWeave infrastructure.

  • “Covered Service” means:

    • Instances in Multiple Regions.

    • A Single Instance.

  • “Downtime” means:

    • For container instances: loss of external connectivity or persistent disk access for the Single Instance or, with respect to Instances in Multiple Regions, all applicable running instances.

    • Downtime does not include loss of external connectivity as a result of outages in upstream transit provider networks if the Customer is acquiring connectivity on a pass-through basis from CoreWeave. If so, the respective Carrier terms of service will apply.

  • “Downtime Period” means a period of one or more consecutive minutes of Downtime. Partial minutes or intermittent Downtime for a period of less than one minute will not be counted towards any Downtime Periods.

  • “Financial Credit” means the following for Instances in Multiple Regions:

Monthly Uptime Percentage

Percentage of monthly bill for the respective Covered Service in the Region affected which did not meet SLO that will be credited to future monthly bills of Customer

99% - 99.9%


95% - 99%


< 95%


  • “Financial Credit” means the following for a Single Instance:

Monthly Uptime Percentage

Percentage of monthly bill for a Single Instance in the Region affected which did not meet SLO that will be credited to future monthly bills of Customer

95% - 99%


90% - 95%


< 90%


  • “Instances in Multiple Regions” means container instances hosted as part of the Cloud Service where instances are placed across two or more Regions. For the purpose of uptime tracking, regions are grouped by continent. I.E., if all regions in the European continent experience simultaneous downtime, this is counted against the multi-region uptime for all instances in that continent.

  • “Monthly Uptime Percentage” means total number of minutes in a month, minus the number of minutes of Downtime suffered from all Downtime Periods in a month, divided by the total number of minutes in a month.

  • “Region” means the applicable region described in the CoreWeave Cloud Platform Service documentation provided to Customer, denoted by physical location, such as NJ1, NY1 as may be updated by CoreWeave from time to time.

  • “Single Instance” means a single container instance hosted as part of the CoreWeave Cloud Platform Service.

Customer Must Request Financial Credit

In order to receive any of the Financial Credits described above, Customer must notify CoreWeave technical support within thirty days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a Financial Credit. Customer must also provide CoreWeave with server log files showing loss of external connectivity errors and the date and time those errors occurred. If Customer does not comply with these requirements, Customer will forfeit its right to receive a Financial Credit. If a dispute arises with respect to this TOS, CoreWeave will make a determination in good faith based on its system logs, monitoring reports, configuration records, and other available information, which CoreWeave will make available for auditing by Customer at Customer’s request.

Maximum Financial Credit

The aggregate maximum number of Financial Credits to be issued by CoreWeave to Customer for any and all Downtime Periods that occur in a single billing month will not exceed 50% of the amount due from Customer for the Covered Service for the applicable month. Financial Credits will be made in the form of a monetary credit applied to future use of the Covered Service and will be applied within 60 days after the Financial Credit was requested.


The Financial Credits do not apply to any: (a) features designated pre-general availability (unless otherwise set forth in the associated Documentation), (b) features excluded from the TOS (in the associated documentation), or (c) errors: (i) caused by factors outside of CoreWeave’s reasonable control; (ii) that resulted from Customer’s software or hardware or third party software or hardware, or both; (iii) that resulted from abuses or other behaviors that violate the TOS; or (iv) that resulted from quotas applied by the system, or (d) downtime caused by in-advance communicated maintenance. As applicable, Customer will only be entitled to Financial Credit for Downtime of a particular instance as either a Single Instance or Instances in Multiple Regions, but not both.

Intellectual Property Rights

This TOS does not grant either party any rights, implied or otherwise, to the other's content or any of the other's intellectual property. As between the parties, Customer owns all rights in Customer Data (including all object and source code contained therein), and CoreWeave owns all rights in the Covered Services and related software.

Use of Customer Data

CoreWeave will not access or use or share Customer Data, except as necessary to provide the Covered Services to Customer.

Deletion by Customer

CoreWeave will enable Customer to delete Customer Data during the Term in a manner consistent with the functionality of the Covered Services. If Customer uses the Covered Services to delete any Customer Data during the Term and that Customer Data cannot be recovered by Customer, this use will constitute an instruction to CoreWeave to delete the relevant Customer Data from CoreWeave’s systems in accordance with applicable law. CoreWeave will comply with this instruction as soon as reasonably practicable and within a maximum period of 180 days.

Deletion on Termination

On expiry of the Term, Customer instructs CoreWeave to delete all Customer Data (including existing copies) from CoreWeave’s systems in accordance with applicable law. CoreWeave will, after a recovery period of up to 60 days following such expiry, comply with this instruction as soon as reasonably practicable and within a maximum period of 180 days. Customer is responsible for exporting, before the Term expires, any Customer Data it wishes to retain. Data Security

Customer should refer to CoreWeave’s Privacy and Compliance Datasheet for CoreWeave’s data and privacy policies with respect to the CoreWeave Cloud Platform.

Data Incidents

Incident Notification. CoreWeave will notify Customer promptly and without undue delay after becoming aware of a data security incident, and promptly take all commercially reasonable steps to minimize harm and secure Customer Data.

Details of Data Security Incident. CoreWeave’s notification of a data security incident will describe, to the extent possible, the nature of the incident, the measures taken to mitigate the potential risks and the measures CoreWeave recommends Customer take to address the data security incident.

Delivery of Notification. Notification(s) of any data security incident(s) will be delivered to the email address provided by Customer.

No Assessment of Customer Data by CoreWeave. CoreWeave has no obligation to assess Customer Data in order to identify information subject to any specific legal requirements.

No Acknowledgement of Fault by CoreWeave. CoreWeave’s notification of or response to a data security incident under this section will not be construed as an acknowledgement by CoreWeave of any fault or liability with respect to said incident.

Changes to Terms of Service

The TOS for the Covered Service may be amended and modified from time to time by CoreWeave.