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Maintenance Policy

CoreWeave Cloud Maintenance and Notification Policy

In our mission to provide reliable, resilient service while continuously adding new features and functionality to the CoreWeave Cloud platform, we adhere to the following policy to manage our platform upgrade and maintenance programs. This policy regarding both planned and unplanned upgrade and maintenance programs form a part of the CoreWeave Terms of Service (TOS).

To be clear, CoreWeave may perform unplanned maintenance or service to the CoreWeave Cloud platform, at any time, in its sole discretion, without notice to CoreWeave Cloud users or public notifications. Circumstances that may require unplanned maintenance or service to the platform include, but are not limited to, service outages (internal or external) or identified issues or vulnerabilities that may put the platform service or our customers’ services and/or data at risk.


CoreWeave will take commercially reasonable efforts to make planned maintenance events known via its dashboard. It is a user's responsibility to ensure they are subscribed to the status notifications relevant to their CoreWeave Cloud deployments.

Critical Infrastructure Maintenance

When performing planned maintenance that is deemed by CoreWeave as "critical" in nature, CoreWeave will provide, at a minimum, 24 hours’ notice with a description of the event and any potential or expected impacts. For "critical" infrastructure maintenance events, notice will be posted to both the CoreWeave Cloud dashboard, as well as via email to all users subscribed to receive CoreWeave Cloud status email alerts.

For purposes of this notification policy, "critical" maintenance will generally be deemed to be any planned changes to components that substantially impact:

  • Kubernetes orchestration layer (API Servers, Scheduler, Storage)
  • CoreWeave Cloud API Gateway
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Virtual Server orchestration

These listed areas are deemed by CoreWave to be critical to the general availability and operation of the CoreWeave Cloud platform.

Course of Business Maintenance and Service Changes

CoreWeave strives to continuously add new functionality, hardware, and reliability features to the CoreWeave Cloud platform to support our customers’ ability to push the limits of technical creativity. With this continuously flowing pipeline of enhancements and upgrades, we take all appropriate precautions when deploying changes to the CoreWeave Cloud production environment, including, but not limited to, senior engineering architecture and code reviews and approvals, end-to-end test pipelines, and live-quality assurance testing in pre-production environments. CoreWeave will not provide notification for those enhancements and related maintenance that CoreWeave deems to be in the normal course of business of running the CoreWeave Cloud platform, but NOT "critical" under its Critical Infrastructure Maintenance policy.

Subject to Change

This Cloud Maintenance and Notification Policy is subject to change at any time without notice, in CoreWeave's sole discretion.