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Direct Connect

Learn how to connect directly to CoreWeave via private, dedicated links.


For clients who require guaranteed capacity connections to CoreWeave, we can accept direct connections to our data centers or to low latency sites in select markets.

Direct Connect locations

Region / LocationPort Speeds
ORD1 (Limited Capacity)1Gbps to 100Gbps
LAS1 (Limited Capacity)1Gbps to 100Gbps
LGA1 (Limited Capacity)1Gbps to 100Gbps
Equinix AT1100Gbps to 400Gbps
Equinix DC2100Gbps to 400Gbps
Equinix NY6100Gbps to 400Gbps
Equinix CH2100Gbps to 400Gbps
Equinix SV1100Gbps to 400Gbps

CoreWeave On-Ramp locations

In addition to dedicated connections to our data centers, CoreWeave also offers network POPs in select locations to support customer demand. These sites can connect with your cloud environment.

Region / LocationOn-Net CarriersPort Speeds
LAX1 (CoreSite LA2) to 100Gbps
LAS1 (Megaport) to 10Gbps
LGA1 (Megaport) to 10Gbps
Equinix AT1
Equinix DC2
Equinix NY6
Equinix CH2
Equinix SV1

Please contact support for details about our new Equinix locations, and for pricing, instructions, and the LOAs required to cross-connect to our edge networks.