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CoreWeave uses Grafana Loki to collect and aggregate logs for all of our customers. To view the logs in managed Grafana, navigate to the Pod Logs dashboard.

Pod logs in

To build custom log dashboards, see our Loki guide for self-hosted Grafana.

To forward logs to external aggregator such as Datadog a remote Grafana Loki instance, please contact support with the details for the log collection target, such as the hostname and API token.

Direct access to CoreWeave logs, without exporting to your own log collector, is currently not supported.

Supported Log Export Targets

boundarySends annotations to Boundary based on Logstash events
circonusSends annotations to Circonus based on Logstash events
cloudwatchAggregates and sends metric data to AWS CloudWatch
datadogSends events to DataDogHQ based on Logstash events
datadog_logsSends logs to DataDogHQ via the logging API
datadog_metricsSends metrics to DataDogHQ based on Logstash events
dynatraceSends events to Dynatrace based on Logstash events
elasticsearchStores logs in Elasticsearch
gangliaWrites metrics to Ganglia’s gmond
gelfGenerates GELF formatted output for Graylog2
google_bigqueryWrites events to Google BigQuery
google_cloud_storageUploads log events to Google Cloud Storage
google_pubsubUploads log events to Google Cloud Pubsub
graphiteWrites metrics to Graphite
graphtasticSends metric data on Windows
httpSends events to a generic HTTP or HTTPS endpoint
influxdbWrites metrics to InfluxDB
ircWrites events to IRC
juggernautPushes messages to the Juggernaut websockets server
kafkaWrites events to a Kafka topic
libratoSends metrics, annotations, and alerts to Librato based on Logstash events
logglyShips logs to Loggly
lumberjackSends events using the lumberjack protocol
metriccatcherWrites metrics to MetricCatcher
mongodbWrites events to MongoDB
nagiosSends passive check results to Nagios
nagios_nscaSends passive check results to Nagios using the NSCA protocol
opentsdbWrites metrics to OpenTSDB
pagerdutySends notifications based on preconfigured services and escalation policies
pipePipes events to another program’s standard input
rabbitmqPushes events to a RabbitMQ exchange
redisSends events to a Redis queue using the RPUSH command
redmineCreates tickets using the Redmine API
riakWrites events to the Riak distributed key/value store
riemannSends metrics to Riemann
s3Sends Logstash events to the Amazon Simple Storage Service
snsSends events to Amazon’s Simple Notification Service
solr_httpStores and indexes logs in Solr
sqsPushes events to an Amazon Web Services Simple Queue Service queue
statsdSends metrics using the statsd network daemon
stompWrites events using the STOMP protocol
syslogSends events to a syslog server
tcpWrites events over a TCP socket
timberSends events to the logging service
udpSends events over UDP
webhdfsSends Logstash events to HDFS using the webhdfs REST API
websocketPublishes messages to a websocket
workplace_searchSends events to the Elastic Workplace Search solution
xmppPosts events over XMPP
zabbixSends events to a Zabbix server