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Generic IDP

Configure SSO on CoreWeave with an SSO IDP

To configure CoreWeave SSO using a generic IDP as your identity provider, first create a new SSO configuration on CoreWeave.

On the configuration screen, select Generic IDP from the Your IDP drop-down menu.

Select "Generic IDP" from the "Your IDP" drop-down

Using the information provided in the setup modal, complete your IDP's SSO configuration. Ensure that all fields in the CoreWeave SSO modal are also filled in using the information provided by your IDP.

Configuration fields


For your IDP's configuration, CoreWeave provides an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL and a Service provider (SP) entity ID. These values will be required and most likely requested by your IDP for that side of the configuration.


The Entity ID, Single Sign-On URL, and X.509 Certificate fields will be provided by your IDP for the CoreWeave side of the configuration. When provided, copy and paste the given values of these fields into the corresponding fields on the CoreWeave Cloud UI.


The Display Name field is for your customization, and is only used to name the CoreWeave SSO configuration.

Once the configuration is complete, ensure that the Configuration Active checkbox is checked, then click the Save button.

Additional Resources

See instructions for configuring Okta or JumpCloud for examples.