Invite new users and manage existing organization members all from a single page in your CoreWeave Cloud dashboard

Organization admin

On CoreWeave Cloud, an organization is a group of associated users sharing one or more namespaces. The organization admin is a user in an organization that holds read and/or write access to manage the organization's users, including those users' access controls. The organization admin is also the only user level in an organization that can list, add, or remove API Access Tokens.
This allows the organization admin user to govern features such as inviting new users to the organization, or to manage per-namespace user access across organization namespaces.
Unless CoreWeave admins make changes to your organization, only the first user (the user who created the organization) will be granted this level of access control.
To add an additional organization admin user, or to change the current organization admin user, please contact support.

User management

Users within an organization may be managed from the organization management page on the CoreWeave Cloud UI.

Invite users

To invite new users, navigate to the organization management page in CoreWeave Cloud, then click the Invite a User button. A form will appear, prompting for the email of the person you'd like to invite. Enter this address, then click Send Invite.
Screenshot of the user invite modal
The organization management page also allows admins to perform the following actions:
  • Copy the invite link that was emailed to the invited user
  • Resend the invitation email to the invited user
  • Revoke the invitation from the invited user
By default, new users inherit the same access controls to the namespace as the user who invited them.
Copy, resend, or revoke the invitation under the Actions column
Once an invitation is accepted and the new user has completed registration, their account may be managed from the organization management page.
Under the Actions column, users may be deactivated and reactivated. Deactivating users will prevent them from accessing their account, but user accounts may be reactivated at any time. To manage the activation status of a user's account, click the button located on the left side of the user row.
Click the Deactivate button beside a user to deactivate their account
Changes to per-user-namespace access do not apply to access tokens. API Access Tokens are owned by organizations, and are controlled by a different set of access control policies. Only organization admins have access to add, list, and remove Access Tokens.
When removing a user, API Tokens must be removed manually from the API Access page by an organization admin.
To remove a user from your organization completely, immediately deactivate the user's account and any Access Tokens associated to that user, then contact CoreWeave support.

User access control by namespace

On CoreWeave, Kubernetes RBAC policies are used to map user access controls to namespaces, which allows organization admins the ability to specify which users do or do not have control access within a given namespace.
As the organization admin, expand a user's details on the organization management page to see to which namespaces they have access. Check or uncheck the box beside a given namespace to grant or revoke permissions to the namespace, or click the Add All or Remove All buttons to remove or grant access across all namespaces. Click the Save Changes button to save the access configuration.
At this time, organization admins can grant users all permissions in a given namespace with the exception of w:pods (write to Pods) and w:full (full write access). If users other than the organization admin require these permissions, please contact support.